The Samuel Hanen Society for Resource Conservation

Zahava Hanan

Goldie Zahava Hanan (sometimes spelled Hanen), 1928-2015, was born in Calgary, Alberta, the daughter of Samuel B. Hanen, 1896-1972 and Lena Smolensky Hanen, 1906-1979. She left Calgary to study Art History and Hebrew Studies in New York City. In 1947, she married Calgary veterinarian Frank Manolson, 1925-1978. The couple moved to London, England and separated in the early 1960s. In the 1980s she became the companion of well-known Alberta author and environmentalist Andy Russell, 1915-2005. In 1965, Hanan purchased a flat in London, England. In 1973, she purchased Rumsey Ranch near Millarville, Alberta. Almost immediately, she raised concerns about pollution from the nearby Quirk Creek gas plant that she felt was negatively affecting water, air and soil quality on the ranch as well as human and animal health. She presented successful interventions at several Energy Resources Conservation Board hearings relating to the Quirk Creek gas plant during the early 1980s, spending over twenty years in a dispute with the plant's owner Esso Resources Canada Ltd. (Imperial Oil Ltd.). In 1993, she settled out of court with Esso and moved to land that was formerly part of the EP Ranch, spending winters at her home in London, England until moving there permanently in 2006.