The Samuel Hanen Society for Resource Conservation


The objectives of the Samuel Hanen Society are as follows:

1)To promote and support educational and research programs relating to environmental matters as well as educators, students and researchers devoted to such matter;

2)To promote and support programs to increase public awareness of environmental issues and problems, their solutions and the relationship between man and the environment as part of a global ecosystem;

3)To preserve, protect and conserve agricultural and other lands, and the resources and natural habitats theron for the benefit of the future generaltions, including managing such lands, whether owned by the society or not, for such purposes;

4)To acquire, dispose of or manage for itself or others, lands and to enter into conservation agreements, environmental easements and other arrangements with land owners and others, all in furtherance of the foregoing objectives;

5)To establish and maintain a general fund and one or more specific funds for the said purposes and to accept gifts of money and property of all kinds whatsoever;

6)To apply for the said purposes the capital property of, and the income from the said fund or funds.